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Patient Reviews

  • The office is very professional looking, the staff are awesome, and Dr. Oliverio was very informative and helpful.
    -Chester I.
  • After 7 months and hospital er trips other Dr visits mri x-rays time out of work 3 visits I got a courtesy call from Dr with a hopeful diagnosis 2 treatment and I am doing alot better 2 more to go and I’m looking forward to seeing the final results. Thank God for your hard work and great knowledge
    -Andrew S.
  • I was very pleased with my visit. Since being adjusted I feel very relaxed.
    -David S.
  • Must say my first visit I was very impressed. The staff is very friendly and Dr. Oliverio explained everything to me and why I was having the pain. I would recommend this doctor’s office highly.
    -Helen B.
  • The entire staff was knowledgeable, professional, and attentive to my particular needs.
    -Danny W.
  • Not having been to a chiropractor for many years, I was a little apprehensive. The staff was excellent and Dr. Oliverio spent time getting history, doing exam and finally starting treatment. I’m hopeful my treatment will help.
    -David H.
  • What a wonderful first time seeing a chiropractor experience! Thank you!
    -Chris A.
  • So nice to see what good health care can be. The staff all preformed like a well oiled machine. And Dr. O took my fear of bone crackers away. Thanks to all . Highly recommend these professionals.
    -Phyllis R.
  • Great experience and super happy I found a chiropractor I can trust and who is amazing!
    -Steve G.
  • Dr. O and the staff were very professional from the first time we walked thru the front door. We are so happy to have been referred to The Neck and Back Pain specialist that they are. Thank you for everything you guys do.
    -Michael M.
  • The practice was highly recommended by a friend. I was not disappointed.
    -Kathleen H.
  • Very happy to find very pleasant staff and A Doctor that listens and makes the person feel important. Thank You!!!!!!!
    -Dean S.
  • Dr O is a very knowledgeable, helpful caring, individual. Had heard great things about him and now I know why.
    -Walter S.
  • Professional yet personable staff! Thank you.
    -Caryn H.
  • It was a great atmosphere with great staff awesome doctor all around had a great experience. Dr Oliverio is an excellent physician that really knows his stuff and is very thorough.
    -Cherese N.
  • There is probably not a better and more friendly staff anywhere, everyone made me feel so welcomed and very professional and detailed. Dr. Oliverio made me feel better just in one adjustment and I am amazed at his kindness and attention to detail. I know my back is in good hands and I will feel better than I have in many years. I thank everyone there.

    -Don P.
  • Excellent and prompt service.
    -Eric B.
  • Dr O is really great! He understands the functionality of the body which is the main element!
    - Cynthia L.
  • The pain I have in my shoulder didn’t hurt as bad and my numbness in my fingers was gone for the day. It was such a relief.
    -Amy F.
  • Very pleased with the Doctor’s explanation of my spinal condition and what he recommended as treatment.
    -Jesse L.
  • Very professional and friendly people. I have been looking for a good chiropractor for 2 years and now I can say I have a great chiropractor.
    -Randy S.
  • Looking forward to follow-up visits to hopefully move to the next level of pain relief without medication.
  • I was very pleased with the courtesy of the staff and the attention I receive from both staff and Dr. Oliverio.
    -Joyce R.
  • Happy with the fact that there are multiple healing modalities that are used : )
    -Kimberly B.
  • Can’t say thank you enough for doing everything you can to help your patients. Professional, courteous and caring.
    -Charlene K.
  • Great experience and excellent conversation with the doctor. He was very thorough and professional. I look forward to my upcoming appointments.
    -Doug W.
  • Everyone was caring and considerate.
    -Cindie W.
  • I feel I am in good hands!!!
    -Marilyn W.
  • EXCELLENT, right from the very first greeting. I feel very confident that Dr. Oliverio will be able to help me with my problems. Thanks to you all!
    -John M.
  • Great experience!
    -Erin B.
  • My first and second visits have been phenomenal. I’m so confident I can find relief, and the staff is superb. Zero complaints.
    -Stephanie N.
  • The efficiency and professionalism from the receptionist to the Doctor was amazing. Thank you all so much.
    -Loretta A.
  • I was impressed. Everything was explained.
    -Richard W.
  • Dr. Oliverio is a gem. Upon meeting him, I felt at ease. He took the time to explain all my ex-rays and explained how he’d proceed with my maintenance. I feel he definitely has my best interest at heart. He cares about his patients.
    -Barb G.
  • Wonderful experience! Thank you.
    -Grace F.
  • First time ever going to a chiropractor couldn’t have been a better experience, and also it helped me tremendously for being the first time.
    -Harry E.
  • The doctor is excellent. Mary and Steve make everything go smoothly. They make the entire appointment a very comfortable experience.
    -William E.
  • Was very pleased with Doctor and staff. Looking forward to the next visit.
    -Deloris M.
  • 1st visit resulted in no change to neck rotation / soreness. 2nd visit resulted in immediate (at office) head rotation / soreness improvement
    -Gary R.
  • Great staff doctor and office. I have seen many chiropractors in my lifetime and Dr Oliverio is very good. Found me a great office.
    -Aaron G.
  • The office personnel are warm and welcoming.
    -John V.
  • I was impressed with the professionalism of the entire office.
    -Russell D.
  • couldn’t be happier with this office. The doctor is the best!
    -Joanne H.
  • Got relief first visit. Looking forward to follow up visits. Very professional and knowledgeable staff.
    -Geraldine H.
  • I love the services and care provided! I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my chiropractic needs! Best Chiropractor and staff around.
    -Amanda Z.
  • I got some relief in my first visit, which exceeded my expectations!
    -George K.
  • I am very impressed with the doctor and staff. Everyone is very professional and caring. Dr. Oliverio is very thorough and gives me hope that I will see significant improvement in my future.
    -Virgina H.
  • Dr. O is very caring and genuinely wants you to get better. He is very knowledgeable and uses updated equipment to assist in the healing process.
    -Renee B.
  • l have hope that l will receive adequate treatment to help my neck issues. The Initial examination shed a lot of knowledge on me concerning the fall l had. The staff were all very professional and kind.
    -Mike M.
  • Super nice team. Competent and knowledgeable!
    -Linda S.
  • The entire team was welcoming, helpful and knowledgeable. Looking forward to building a great relationship.
    -Deborah M.
  • The doctor was a real person, not a quick machine.
    -Roger P.
  • The staff was very helpful polite and efficient. Dr O really put me at ease and is working hard on correcting my problem
    -Barbara P.
  • I moved here about a year ago and feared I could not find a good chiropractor. What a surprise. Dr Oliverio was so knowledgeable about my issues that have been hard to treat by most chiropractors. I now know I am in good hands going forward.
    -John C.
  • Very professional staff. First time paperwork was concise and easy to complete. Dr. Oliverio and his staff explained all of the procedures that were being done and what to expect in the future.
    -Michael G.
  • Fantastic setup and service. I have been dealing with my injuries for years and the attention I received today was the first time I felt comfortable that someone listened and cared! Nice to know thier is relief from my injuries and I cannot thank all of you enough. In the military, you are a number, no more…Awesome!
    -Brian C.
  • Very professional and friendly.
    -Crystal D.
  • All lovely people with obvious intelligence and know how. Courtesy and respect for patients is clearly a hallmark of the practice.
    -Patricia B.
  • My first visit was very encouraging. I had less pain when I left. This makes me hopeful that I will improve.
    -Margie L.
  • I’m very happy went over there, help a lot to my problem in my back. Thank you.
    -Yolanda M.
  • I feel like I am in good hands and look forward to feeling better soon!
    -Lisa Y.
  • Wow…what a great place. Dr. Oliverio was really concerned with my problems and took great effort to help rectify them. I am looking forward to me getting well again thanks to him and the staff.
    -Barbara S.
  • The staff was excellent in getting me in for my first appointment. The doctor explained my issue and treated me with professionalism, empathy and tenderness. Those are signs of a dedicated provider.
    -Mona Lisa Y.
  • Good People, Great Staff! You Can Tell That They Really Do Want to Help You!
    -Mark M.
  • Thanks for relatively little pain over the last week after months of constant discomfort and even severe pain at times. Bless you all and Happy Thanksgiving!
    -Keeth S.
  • The Staff was super caring and efficient. Thank you so much.
  • Great team and experience.
    -Laura P.
  • Staff is friendly, efficient and caring. (They must get those skills from Dr. Oliverio!)
    -Donna D.
  • You and your staff are caring and very helpful.
    -Frank M.
  • Great office staff and doctor.
    -David J.
  • Finally, a good chiropractor!
    -William F.
  • Dr O and staff are awesome!
    -Beverly K.
  • Hopeful you can continue my treatment and I can be pain free. It’s been a long time that I have been pain free. I ‘am feeling confident that we can beat this.
    -Marjorie S.
  • The staff and Doc. Oliverio were excellent. I felt comfortable and taken care of. I will definitely be back. Thanks for a great adjustment!
    -Benjamin B.
  • My lower back pain was reduced by 40% on my first visit. I was very satisfied with the compassion and competence of Dr. Oliverio and all his staff.
    -Kevin M.
  • I am so excited to feel better and feel confident Neck and Back Center will do this!
    -Joan W.
  • Dr. Oliverio gave me detailed explanations of what my actual problems were . I appreciate the time he spent explaining this to me and I feel confident that he will be able to help my problems.
    -Carolyn G.
  • My experience was excellent. He explained everything my previous physician should have – in layman’s terms. I would not hesitate in recommending him to my friends.
    -Susan C.
  • Dr O was very informative. Enjoyed my visit.
    -Betty P.
  • Staff was very professional, Dr. Anthony was very well informed as to what assessment was necessary to formulate a working treatment plan was necessary. Very satisfied.
    -Fred K.
  • First time visit to a chiropractor & was amazed how quickly Dr zeroed in the problem. I have 100% confidence that he’ll get me on the mend soon!
    -Daniel S.
  • I was so very appreciative of Dr. Tony’s professionalism and communicative ability. Best medical visit I have experienced in 50 years! Thanks!
    -Ken H.

" Dr. Oliverio is great at creating a personalized plan. My mom and sister have been with your office for a long time. We always have a great experience."

- Amanda B.

"Having never been to a chiropractor before, I was very pleased that Dr. Oliverio and all the staff were so professional and friendly and caring. I'm feeling very comfortable in their care. Thank you."

- Martha B.

"Your office staff are lovely people, pleasant, warm and very welcoming, I was immediately made comfortable, and the therapy gentleman, was as nice as could be, he was very kind, and explained as he went along this made me extremely comfortable, thank you, I hope I will get well, soon!"

- Nancy C.

"Thank you for healing me from sciatica pain four years ago, and for healing the pain in my upper back this year. I tell everybody I can that you are a miracle worker.

Thank you again" - R. Kennedy

I appreciated the adequate amount of time spent with the doctor reviewing my medical history and current reasons for making this initial appointment. He defined what he thought was causing my pain and set a course of therapy and treatment that he was confident would help. We shall see over the next several weeks if the treatment indeed helps. My expectations of relief are high.

Kevin D.

"I have been receiving chiropractic service from Tony Oliverio for over 10 years. I am 87 years old. He has been a large factor in my being able to stay active. If you are hurting, give him a try. All he can do is help you." - Leo Kubiak
Dear Dr. Oliverio,

Thank you so much for your kind assistance in helping me to find the right chiropractor while I'm away from you in Florida. You made the time in your busy schedule to make a lot of phone calls for me until you found the right man. You are a doctor like no other in your caring and compassionate ways and I'm so lucky to have found you.

You are the only one in all these pain filled months who has been able to make me pain-free and start to live my life comfortably again. I'm hoping the doctor you found for me up here can restore me to that place.

You and your wonderful staff are the answer to my prayers. I'm so lucky to have been directed to you. I am so looking forward to returning to our Florida home and your care. My words are insufficient to express just how much I appreciate your sincerely caring and effective chiropractic treatments. But THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.

May God Bless and Keep you and Yours Always - Virginia S.

"I was referred to Dr. Oliverio by another one of his patients, who felt he was very good. My long-standing lower back pain was getting worse and I did not want to take the narcotics that had been prescribed to me. I was nervous about the appointment with Dr. Oliverio as I had had a bad experience with a chiropractor in another state several years ago.

" However, from the very first appointment, my back pain has lessened and I can see a good difference following each appointment. I have found Dr. Oliverio to be very gentle and kind and I will gladly recommend him to anyone who might benefit from this type of treatment.

"Now I am walking with hardly a limp and was able to go scuba diving on this past Labor Day! Not too bad for a 76-year-old!" -Marilyn W.

"My daughter, age 16, is a dancer and lacrosse player, she suffered from shin splints. We came to see Dr. O and he evaluated her condition, put her on his Foot Scanner and determined orthotics were key to her treatment. She immediately felt the positive effects of the orthotics. She is now pain-free and back to dancing and starting her next season of lacrosse."

- Andy J.

"I think people need to be informed on the benefits of chiropractic care! Although I suffer from permanent injuries, the therapeutic services I've received from Neck and Back Care Center were truly transformational! I cannot say enough about my healing experience with both doctors and soft tissue specialists. I'll always be grateful."

- Pat C.

"It was a very pleasant experience to be in your office today. I felt like I belonged there from the minute I walked in. (previously I felt I belonged there when I read your web site---which is very warm and real)....Everyone in the office was very nice and very helpful. I left there with a smile on my face, even though I was in a great deal of pain..just knowing that you are going to find out what is wrong and help me. Thank you so very much!! I am so thankful that my friend told me about you!"

- B.R.

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