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Crystal River Chiropractor Reviews

What Patients Say About Neck and Back Care Center

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of our Crystal River chiropractor reviews and patient testimonials below and please Call us or Click here to email us your questions!

Health and Happiness,,
Dr. Anthony Oliverio

  • Truly wonderful experience!

    -Wanda F.
  • It was a very good experience and look forward to future visits.

    -Cynthia S.
  • You were very helpful.

    -Marilyn B.
  • Beautiful office! Pleasant and professional staff!

    -Melanie D.
  • Very much appreciate the positive messages on the sign and the Christian atmosphere.

    -Richard C.
  • Everyone is excellent! Glad I stopped here!

    -Noahlee H.
  • I was pleasantly surprised that I finally have found the right doctor. Thanks for listening and caring.

    -Norma A.
  • Great care and courteous service.

    -Jeanne S.
  • My back feels so much better. I am very happy with the results after only 2 visits.

    -Marie M.
  • The practice is a class act, from the reception desk through treatment by Dr. O.

    -Marc B.
  • I would like to thank your staff for the timely and professional way of accepting me as a new patient. My first visit was very rewarding. Thank you!

    -Sydney B.
  • The office was clean and inviting; the staff was equally impressive and very friendly. I feel that I am in good hands. It was worth driving across the county. Time well spent.

    -Patricia A.
  • Very satisfied with the first visit.

    -Bartolet M.
  • Thank you for helping me. I’m happy to have found a chiropractor I am comfortable with. I look forward to a blessed relationship with all of you.

    -Trudy E.
  • Was very impressed with Dr Oliverio on how he walked me through and explained every step of the procedure to me and what to expect and that he called to check up on me to see how I was feeling after my treatment. Also staff was helpful.

    -Hazel B.
  • Great team, look forward to them helping me.

    -Martin T.
  • Thank you, Dr. Oliverio, for relieving me of terrible pain in my back and legs. You are a very good doctor.

    -Carol M.
  • I felt better than I have in a very long, and talked my wife in to coming also. She is also very impressed after the first visit!!

    -Michael B.
  • Glad to have you as my new Chiropractor, Dr. Oliverio. Wishing you, your family and staff excellent health always!

    -Robert L.
  • Very glad that I have found your practice! Everyone was wonderful!

    -Carrie H.

I came into the office with a back brace and I had been treating myself for a week with bed rest and over the counter pain meds. With just one visit I had the brace off and required no pain meds. What a miracle worker. I will never wait that long again. What a blessing to have Dr. Oliverio in Citrus County.

-Dianne B.
I am very impressed with the staff all the way around.Everyone was very kind and professional..I looking forward to going back to learn how to take care of myself to prevent further injuries.. Definitely picked the right place to go and highly recommend them.

-Pamela B.

I was so impressed on the results I got after 2 visits.I am finally back to normal again. I am so glad I found Dr. Oliverio. I am a very satisfied customer. Very nice personally and makes you feel comfortable.

-Patricia M.

I’ve received treatment from various chiropractors since I was ~6 years old. I am extremely pleased with the care provided and was impressed by Dr. Oliverio’s logical questions and individualized approach for my care.

Cynthia A.

Thank you for taking me as a new patient considering my circumstances. Dr. Oliverio and his staff have been more than gracious. After my treatment, I felt relieved of the discomfort that I had since my last treatment.

-Mike M.

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk about my needs while I am in pain. You and your staff are very attentive to my needs. Will make sure to promote your facility.

-Normand R.

I have been to many doctors and after leaving Dr. Oliverio’s office I had a feeling of hope for my future, the pain has become unbearable and I do believe he will be able to help. The staff was excellent also! I look forward to seeing how he can help me improve my daily life.

-Kathleen B.

Dr. Oliverio was incredibly courteous, professional, knowledgeable and down to earth. He showed a genuine care for his patients well being. I’ve often been bounced around from one Health Care professional to the next, racking up co-pays, not getting any answers, feeling even more drained physically and financially than when I started. Dr. Oliverio took the time to get to the root of the problem and help guide me to better health.

-Laura I.

I so appreciate the friendliness of the staff and the care Steve provided while gathering my lengthy history, etc.! Full confidence that I will continue to improve!

-Gloria R.

I know that treatments aren’t instantaneous. However, I left the office relaxed and a little less tensed up from the discomfort I’ve been having. It’s been a really long time since my last adjustment and I said to myself, Self, wattsa matta witchew…why did you wait so long??? Have another appt next week and am looking forward to it greatly. Y’all are my new BFFs.

-Deb H.

“I appreciated how comfortable I felt talking with the doctor. He listened carefully to what I said and he definitely seemed to zero in on what might be most helpful. I left the visit with less pain than when I came in and that was great.”
-Carol C.

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